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by Deerful


VINYL/CD/DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE: wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/peach

My debut album is out! (actually it was out on the 2nd of June). My label doesn't have a 'label' account so you need to go directly to their page to buy it - but I realised people who had bought stuff from me in the past wouldn't get a notification about it unless I uploaded it here too, so here it is. It's over here. wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/peach

1. Peach Rose Tea
Peach rose tea
Preserve me still in glass
Sweep the leaves
From round her feet
And nothing more I'll ask

Let me fall in blossom
Let me heal in down
Make me well
Grant me peace
A ring of roses round

Peach rose tea
Preserve me still in glass

2. Conceptual Art
If she could keep her near her heart
And make from her conceptual art
She'd never want for anything

She kissed her by the chapel stairs
The dappled light, her autumn hair
She thought they heard the sunlight sing

Stay up late and
talk till morning
Sleep till noon
Watch the twilight
Cradle rooftops
Be home soon

A contact made with silken skin
A gap to let the moonlight in
Her absence left an empty space

But watching her, remarkable
In every breathing particle
She'll write and teach and live apace

She'll be armed with
Art and song and
Words to live by
She'll record
the world she's known
Beneath the sky

A woman's work's emotion, and
A woman's work is never done
Her mother told her when a child

Not everything's confessional
And this is not a history
But something for the traces left behind

3. Solar Phenomena
It stained your lips red
It's only sunset
A daily two-step

Go softly
Rest easy
Go gently
Fight fiercely

Ill met
By moonlight, stopped dead
The time arrested
A broken tape deck

Work finely
Live timely
Speak proudly
Live loudly

And in the morning cafe
A thousand tapping keys
We'll leave the past behind us
We'll build what's left to see

Go softly
Rest easy
Go gently
Love fiercely

4. The Wider Sky, So Far From Land
The nights are closing in
And where I go you want to be
The dusk that now surrounds us
Will never hide your face from me

The city lights behind us
A long discarded memory
The skeletons of treetops
An outline there of all we see

In the periphery of sight
The possibility of light

Come with me be my love
I'll offer up to you my hand
The luminescence of
The wider sky so far from land

You'll be a beacon light
You'll be the stars aligned you know
You're bright as Venus, dear
You'll be a candle flame aglow

The glaze upon the water
The promise there of times to come
The mountain range beyond us
The fullness of the things we've done

Beneath the shell beneath the gloss
A flicker of the things we lost

You'll be a firefly
Ablaze upon the night
You're phosphorescent love
You'll be a shining beam of light

Come with me be my heart
Upon this lonely earth we'll stand
Illuminating high
The wider sky so far from land

5. Before Us Comes The Flood
My heart runs faster than it should
You grabbed my hand and ran
You said before us comes the flood
I'll be the better man

The rain that beats against your door
And blinds you to the light
The villages on the horizon
Will hide within plain sight

I'll be your apparition
You'll hold my secrets fast
We'll watch each other fall apart
Through slow glass

You lie beside me worlds away
I'll never touch your skin
You say we own the country
I say we're just existing in

I'll be your fire signal
Till half the day is past
We'll watch each other far apart
Through slow glass

My heart runs faster than it should
Your blood is not my blood
You turned to me and whispered
Before us comes the flood

6. Cloudwatching
In which we lie upon our backs,
Remain there gazing at the sky
Drink in the drifting of the clouds,
The world below us passing by

We see the images that form
Within the cirrus overhead
And when we fall asleep at night
The velvet grass will be our bed

Way up here
We're never alone
Round our heads
A forest has grown

There in the shaded sun we lie
Trace hazy arcs to see the shadows
And as the golden hour arrives
We blink and wonder where the time goes

In which we breathe the scent of summer
On the hill far from the crowds
In which by night we'll see the stars
And in the morning watch the clouds

Way up here
Far from the eye
Daisies bloom
Under the sky

7. Down
You said you couldn't stand the distance
You said you couldn't stand the dance
I felt you fall into an ocean

You said another cup of coffee
You saw the empty sky above me
I fell at once into the open

if I could shut my eyes
And close my hands together
Maybe the sun will never rise

And if I fall asleep
It will be forever
If I could only shut my eyes

You told me you would always love me
I said you would grow tired of me

8. Subjects Of Our Love
They told you that you had to choose, be one or be another
Be with us or without us, be the Self or be the Other
You are small and insignificant, don't rise above your station
Every sentence spoken bears an annotation

And the men who always used to hang around you in your youth
They will tell you that it's nothing but I swear that it's the truth
You should know that deep within you lie infinities unseen
That can multiply the things that might have been

We bear multitudes within
And we always were enough
We are feather we are steel
We are worthy subjects of our love

Oh remember locked inside your mind's a galaxy that glistens
And if you decide to shout your truth we'll be around to listen
We’ll be standing here beside you when you’re ready to return
Let the spark within your heart alight and burn

We are skies full up with stars
And we always were enough
We are silk and we are stone
We are worthy subjects of our love

We are worthy subjects of our love

9. Take Care
She'll stay home tonight
Safe within her room
Violets at her feet
Tiptoe into bloom

Soft as peaches fresh and new
Refuse to let her sink
Scent the room with elderflower
Cushioning the brink

Small defenders of her heart
She with ink and thread
Makes a tiny world around them
Stays inside instead

She'll take care tonight
They're the ones who know
She'll turn down the lights
Safe and small and close

10. Peach (Redux)

11. The Ice Fishers
Walk out
Across the water
I'll catch you
I'll catch you

Don't stray too far
I'll catch you
I'll catch you

Catch me
Down among the coral trees
Catch me
Catch me
Don't lose me in the coldest black sea

Ice breath
Still hands
I'll catch you
I'll catch you

This place
Is our land
I'll catch you
I'll catch you

Catch me
Trap me
I've never known a way to just be
Catch me
Catch me
Don't lose me in the coldest black sea


released June 2, 2017



Deerful London, UK

I'm Deerful, aka Emma Winston.

I write electropop about feelings on synthesisers small enough to use on the bus, and in tiny live-coding environments.

I love making music more than anything in the world.
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